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  Custom made Tassels
  2" rayon Tassel With 2" loop
  6" Long Chainette Fringe
  2" Long Chainette Fringe
  4" Long Chainette Fringe
  12 Chainette Fringe
  4" Long Chainette Tassel with 2" Loop
  18" Chainette Fringe
  3 Inch Long rayon Tassel with 2" Loop
  5 1/2 inch Tassel
  Sequin Trim Phoeniex
  Sequin Trim Lace
  Saree Border
  5" Feather Fringe
  25mm Woven Ribbon
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Ribbon Closeout

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Ribbon Closeout, jacquard ribbons, Woven Ribbons, sari borders, embroidery ribbon


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